If you have a child, and you have an iPhone,

Spelling Soup finally returning to the app store in 2016! Coming back soon, just as charming and simple.

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Just think: one of your child's first memories may be sitting on your knee, playing an iPhone game!

Spelling Soup is the simple and beautiful spelling game from SMHK.

Move the letters around to correctly spell the word! It's that easy!

Swedish illustrator Niclas Ericson has created dozens of beautiful illustrations of children's first words.

Spelling Soup works like this:

First, you'll see one of the lovely drawings. For example, "car."

Click to turn over, and you'll see the letters "c," "a," and "r," sitting in the soup.

Simply move the letters around until you have the correct spelling!

Your child uses a finger to move the letters around the screen.

A couple of charming English schoolgirls will lead you through the game on the hilarious audio track.

After you spell a few words, there's a funny mini-game that uses the iPhone "physics".

Just tilt the phone left and right to make the letters bounce. Can you make them to bounce home to the correct spot?

Your child will learn how to "drag" things around on the screen, and how to "tilt" the iPhone. What a beautiful and literate introduction to sitting on your knee with modern computers.

We create iPhone programs with the charm of children's books from before the "internet era."

Uncle Niclas is nowadays well-known in the international fashion and design scene, and for creating "high-tech" 3D animations for TV and advertising.

Here, Nick has returned to a beautiful, almost primitive, early 1900s Scandinavian style.

We really hope that you and your small children love and treasure "Spelling Soup," just as we all treasure certain unforgettable children's books we read with our parents, when we were children.

We love Spelling Soup and we hope you do, too!

Don't forget to please email us straight away at

As a parent, you will be pleased to hear Spelling Soup works instantly.

We have deliberately not included any ridiculous "sales" screens or "splash" screens which you have to click through to waste your time.

Your small child can click on the icon and instantly see the drawings, and move the letters around with a finger!

Please enjoy Spelling Soup and email us as soon as you can with your thoughts! Again, our email is and you can be sure we answer every parents' email personally!


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